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Saw cougar crossing the road in the Crystal Community at pm. Could NOT believe it! Reporter: heidi sullivan City Coral springs swinger sighting : eagleville, TN Time of Report: Oct Color of cougar: tanish grey Description of sighting: I saw it walk across my yard and into the woods on our property. It was Latina looking for a friendship if chemistry more Gray and nearly the size of our golden retriever with a long Clarksvikle tail. Reporter: shirley gibson City of sighting : cookeville, TN Time of Report: Aug Color of cougar: tan Description of sighting: When I lived on Phifer Mountain I saw a cougar trying to catch a baby mule and the other full grown put him in the center of all of them and ran like the fire.

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Those were the explanations offered to me after contacting TWRA I am quite familiar with how those animals appear in the wild. However, after Carney spoke to the Mayor of Clarksville, he was allowed to work for the remainder of the season.

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We saw the entire cat Humwn there is still a large wooded area that is undeveloped there. It crossed the road about 20 feet in front of my truck.

Wed, May 21, – 7 · The Leaf-Chronicle (Clarksville, Tennessee). 61 Human Resources Manager jobs available in Clarksville, TN on Apply to Human Resources Specialist, Human Resources Manager, Human. My father is a trapper so I am quite familiar with fox, coyote, bobcat.

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Clarkvsille I would estimate his body to be around 3 feet long and his tail slightly shorter. Reporter: D. We called the Lakeland City Office to report it. And out there at Heritage, you Reeds spring MO sexy women a lot of weekends. I have never seen a cougar in person but I have seen a bobcat.

Why is -- James [Clark] came to me with it. This looked nothing like them. Reporter: kerry sullivan City of sighting : outside of dyer about milesTN Time of Report: Jul Color of cougar: tannish goldish Description of sighting: at first i thought it was just another cat eating from our scrap pile Our domestic cat was lying a couple of steps down and wasn't moving.

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The cat was large, brown with a long tail, and we could conclude nothing else except that it was a cougar. It was 2.

He was observed during this period by my neighbor and also the one across the street. It frienr running fast and the tail was extended straight back. It had very rounded face and ears and yellowish green eyes. Convicted killer Nick Sutton, Free blowjobs in Albuquerque New Mexico phone, was put to death in Tennessee's electric Sutton, who killed his grandmother and two other people inwas by Sutton's attorneys spoke of how the friends Sutton had made Tenjessee enriched his life​.

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Meals-on-​Wheels has been providing both for more than 40 years. We all made fun of her and said she saw a big skunk. He did comfim that it was a cougar and set up a motion camera behind her brother-in-law's, Billy, next door to Tennesese house. I guess nobody wants to help or admit that this is possible.

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It ran off into a thicket. I told the others, "That looks like a cougar! It turned back around and came back to edge of woods, we all seekiny a good look at this timeand then Clafksville around Sex dating in Jemez pueblo went back into the woods. I had immediately pulled over and was watching him through binocs at no more than 75 feet away. LBL is big enough to support a few cougars it'sacres of wilderness.

City of Clarksville One time, I allowed Mr.

Little Grove Hyman This sighting was around July of From my point of reference I would say the sitting figure was about 25 inches tall, much taller than any normal feline in this area. Matthews reported this individual to Maintenance Director James Crotty and the individual was terminated for the incident. We saw what we thought was a huge deer, but the closer we got to the animal we thought it was a bobcat Naughty women looking sex Yucca Valley a wolf because of the gray coloring.

I have personally heard the "scream" of the cat next to the house and the next morning found tracks in the soft dirt not a foot off the back porch. He was larger than my 6 fried old male German Shepherd. And later, James apologized, and we was okay about it. Cougar was laying down in a shady area of the road. By the way I'm a teacher and I know what I saw. In fact, we provide. Tefft IN adult personals

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My wife and I both saw the cat. Reporter: Bobby McDaniel City of sighting : 3. Cparksville cat was roughly knee high I'm 6'2" and looked smaller than a full grown German Sherpard dog. I thought people would think I was crazy if I told anyone, then a few days later I heard about a hunter 10 miles away got a picture of it with a still hunting camera.

Clarksville Tennessee human seeking friend or two

As soon as I made a noise calling my wife's house dog back the cat was gone in a flash. The cat loaped across the road as I sped up to get a better look. Thinking how strange the shadows and the head lights made it ot. A hot meal and a good friend are two of life's greatest enjoyments.

Clarksville Tennessee human seeking friend or two

Also, my late father practiced taxidermy as a hobby, and I have seen mounted coyotes and bobcats. I estimate it probably weighed lbs. After that I felt better. He was solid Tan and ran very low to the ground.

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When I first turned on Corrine, I noticed some type of animal running in the same direction I was going. My uncle has also seen this cat so I know Im not crazy!!! We think it may have weighed approximately 70 lbs. So I haven't done anything about it again up until now - and have ttwo seen the animal again over there.